Can China Beat the United States?

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China is one of earth’s oldest civilizations. It flourished in the early centuries and now is growing tremendously. In less than a decade, China's economy and military have increased. Can China's emerging economy and increased military best the United States.
Xia Dynasty
1600-1121 B.C
Shang Dynasty
1121-221 B.C.
Zhou Dynasty
221-206 B.C.
Qin Dynasty
206 B.C.-220 A.D.
Han Dynasty
220-280 A.D.
Three Kingdoms
265-420 A.D
Jin Dynasty
420-479 A.D.
Song Dynasty
479-589 A.D.
Six Dynasties
589 -618 A.D.
Sui Dynasty
618-907 A.D.
Tang Dynasty
907-960 A.D.
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
960-1280 A.D.
Song Dynasty
1280-1368 A.D.
Yuan Dynasty (Mongol)
1368-1644 A.D.
Ming Dynasty
1644-1911 A.D.
Qing Dynasty (Manchu)
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China has experienced its ups and down over the years but it still survived and thrived as a nation. It attracted much attention around the time of the age of exploration for its spices and tea( silk road), and now it attracts the world’s attention for its fast growing economy. The Chinese

United States: 13colonies.jpg

This country started out as colonies from England with the first settlement being Jamestown in 1603. This later grew into 13 colonies, and in 1776, they revolted to become a union. Just gaining their Independence, the young country was engulfed in a civil war that ruined so many revolutions. However, the north won the civil war, and with it emerged a nation.

The land of the free and home to the brave, this country emerged as a super power along with Russia after world war two. Recently, America hit a recession and budget cuts have been seen across the country. Some people say that America's hegemony is ending, is it?

Trouble in paradise:

As china’s economy rises, inflation occurs. Many people are struggling to get by and there have been many riots. David Frum wrote,Recent Pew poll finds that 47% of Americans regard China as the world's pre-eminent economic power. Only 31% rate the United States as No. 1, even though its economy, at today's exchange rates, is almost triple the size of China's”. This tells us the American public point of view on the subject. However, what they fail to realize is how many people are being left behind and what kinds of impact this new economy is having on the country. There are some positive things about the economy like fast transportation and their ability to construct buildings at a faster rate but it is only to a selected few. David Frum wrote a few examples which consist of


Another problem is the fear of war. People say history repeats itself. In the sense that every super power didn't fall without a fight. Obama, however, says, "
I have said repeatedly and I will say again today that we welcome a rising, peaceful China." An example of super powers going to war is the cold war. Although the United States never went directly at war with Russia, it was fought for two principles that either side favored; capitalism vs. communism. Anyways, in the case of the United States and China, its going to come down to who has more influence. In a new York article David Frum writes, "
China’s quest to enhance its world leadership status and America’s effort to maintain its present position is a zero-sum game. It is the battle for people’s hearts and minds that will determine who eventually prevails." He argues that the increase in economy wont automatically make it a soul super power. China would also need alliances for which it has none, while the U.S has over 50.


Although China's economy is growing and its military doubling in size, it can not match the United States. The poverty and wealth distribution is completely unequal. Here in America, 99% of the wealth is controlled by a few people but the rest are still in living conditions. The government even has programs in place to help those in need. A country can not be a super power if it cannot take care of its own people. Many people die due to disease, starvation, and other tragic events. China would first have to fix its infrastructure before being able to take on the U.S.
Another point to be made is that China is alone. While the United States have been negotiating, making deals, and influencing the world, China was just watching. Just because it has a huge market, does not mean it can make allies easily. David Frum wrote,
"But it’s hard to buy affection; such “friendship” does not stand the test of difficult times."(new York times)


In an interview with my friends dad, who happens to be a law enforcement official, he told me that he strongly believed that China would not surpass the u.s. Why? Because the United States has military dominance all over the world and their economy is bigger even with China's rapid growth. He also said that many riots and protest are occurring in China, most of them violent. Although I didn't have much time to interview him, he said that he didnt expect any big conflicts to occur and basically, "people are overreacting."

I also interview my professor for World History. He is also against the idea that china will take the U.S place as sole hegemon. His explanation was simple, " too many people are living in unhealthy conditions." A country can not be an example if its own people are suffering. he also said that the fact that its people are suffering is a sign that there is a flaw in the system. It also influences other countries on china


So can the united states be kick of the throne and replaced by China. The answer is no, well at least not at the moment. China's economy is increasing at the fastest rate anyone has ever seen. This, however, is causing alot of people to fall through the gaps. China's rapid boom is also causing a lot of unhealthy side effects. Some foods end up getting poisoned, workers are put in danger working to ear very little, and diseases still roam china.

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