Nutrional facts of "one donut"

History of Donuts

Archaeologists believe that the doughnut has existed since the beginning of time. In American colonial times Dutch immigrants discovered friedcakes from a hot oil accident that occurred with pastry mix. According to legend, "a cow kicked a pot full of boiling oil over onto some pastry mix, thus inventing the golden brown delight." ( History of the Doughnut) In 1847 Elizabeth Golding made the deep friedcakes for her son Hansen Golding, a ship captain, to avoid sickness while on the long voyage. Gregory put hazel nuts in the center so the dough will not cook through. Hansen Golding of course took credit for inventing the hole in the doughnut. “Hansen was a bit of a cheapskate and was just trying to save on food costs. Others say that he gave the doughnut its first hole when, in the middle of a terrible storm and in order to get both hands on the ships wheel, he crammed one of his mothers fried sensations onto one of the wooded spokes of the wheel. Yet another tale claims that he decided, after a visit from an angel, that the doughy center of the fried cakes had to go.”(History of doughnut)
During WWI the doughnut was America’s most favorite snack. American men fighting oversees were served doughnuts by French women volunteers.

French Doughnut girl

In the 1920’s doughnuts were mass-produced and were served more in theatres as a mid-day snack than the usual breakfast hour.
To satisfy the growing demands of doughnuts, Russian expatriate Adolph Levitt created the first doughnut machine. Levitt was making at least twenty-five-million dollars annually for the sale of his doughnut machines to bakeries.

Adolph Levitt

Doughnuts began to sell like hotcakes(ha ha get the joke?) causing bakeries such as Dunkin’ Doughnuts and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to expand their businesses nationally. Today, there are at least 5,800 Dunkin’ Doughnut shops
across the U.S. and in 29 other countries (Wikipedia Dunkin' Donut Locations) Krispy Kreme has 224 locations in the United States and 358 shops in countries worldwide (Krispy Kreme Doughnut Franchise).

Delicious, but Fatal

Americans consume about 10 Billion doughnuts a year. Delicious, yes but According to the, Six Most unhealthy foods,if you were to peel all the sweet tasty layers from a Doughnut, one would find artificial flavors, refined sugar and hydrogenated oil. No wonder the doughnut has been ranked number three in “The Six Most Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid At All Costs.” Donuts have no nutritional value. According to Jayne Hurley senior nutritionist at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, "Within the sweets spectrum, desserts like ice cream and apple pie have some redeeming value – the calcium in dairy products and the antioxidants in fruit. Even chocolate contains beneficial phytochemicals. But doughnuts have nothing to offer" ("Donuts a big Zero").
Dietitians believe that Americans should cut out certain foods that have no nutritional value and are packed with unhealthy fats, this includes the doughnut.
Comic strip quotes nutritonist

Homer eating a dougnut

Keep it sweet, Keep it simple, Keep it healthy

If doughnuts are so “unhealthy and should be avoided at all costs,” why not banish them from all Doughnutvores that live in America? (Doughnutvore- species that eat doughnuts on a regular day-to-day basis) To prohibit a nation from eating the traditional food they are accustomed to would influence people to reenact the Civil War or in this case, a Food War. Instead, let’s take on a new approach that would provide less damage to the body. Healthy Doughnuts. Not deep-fried in fatty oils, but baked in a convection oven. Mighty-O Donuts, a doughnut shop located in Seattle, Washington, have been successful in recreating the fatty oilycake into a healthy trans-fat free treat! The Jaunted Article Newspaper remarks the Mighty- O donut as, “The shop which manages to turn out a product that is vegan, organic, Trans fat-free, cholesterol-free, has no artificial flavors or chemicals, yet is somehow delicious. Seriously, we don't know how they do it!” Seattle's Healthy Donuts
Healthy doughnuts do exist. Baked ones are the way to go to slash the fat and calories. You can have all of the flavors of your favorite donuts without the saturated fat or excessive calories. So why have a plain old donut when you can enjoy a mouthwatering healthier version, bon appetit!

Healthy Donut Recipes

Ingredients :
Coconut flake baked donut


1 cup all-purpose flour

1/3 cup sugar

3/4 teaspoon baking powder

3/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon salt


1 egg

1 tub (150 gm ) plain yogurt
Chocolate chip baked donut

1 tablespoon canola oil

2 teaspoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Toppings: sweeten coconut flakes & semi-sweet chocolate chips (or peanut butter chips)

Method :

1. In a big bowl, combine (A).

2. Push the flour to the side and in the center, add in (B). Mix (B) well with a spatula and mix the flour in to just combine. Set aside.

3. Spray the donut pan with nonstick cooking spray and divide the sweeten coconut flakes and chocolate chips at the bottom of each of the donut tube pans. Divide batter among pans. Place the batter only half full so that you will see donut hole when baked. 3/4 full will not be able to see any donut hole when baked.

4. Bake at 400°F for 10 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool for 5 minutes before removing from pans to wire rack.

~Yield 12-18 baked donuts

Note: Still soft the next day but best eaten on the day it was baked.

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Quick Trivia: Donuts or Doughnuts?

Shipley's Do-Nuts, a donut shop located in Houston, researched the correct way to spell this round shaped pastry. Turns out that in most dictionaries “donut” or “doughnut” are both spelled correctly either way!